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Digital-to-analog conversion for large communication systems with DCN-15A

новости | 01.02.2021

The DCN-15A analogue subsystems module is a compact 15-channel digital interface converter into analog communication lines and discrete control lines and vice versa, for connecting a loud warning power amplifier or receiving a fire alarm system command to start a warning.

The DCN-15A is designed to work as part of a DCN digital communication system based on a DCN-2 switch or DCN-Q4E switching processor module.

The module contains 15 bidirectional analog line interfaces, 60 discrete bidirectional control lines and an E1 digital interface for connection to the DCN control panel.

The DCN-15A allows you to build a multichannel loudspeaker paging system with up to 15 channels, a maximum of eight zones per channel, using power amplifiers and relays for switching loudspeaker zones. It is also possible to connect up to 8 discrete control lines for each analog interface, up to 60 for 15 interfaces, which are used as inputs, for example, to connect alarm and automation systems through a “dry contact” or outputs to control external devices and connect relays for switching alarm and automation devices.

The DCN-15A module is good for applications where you need to build a large multi-zone public address system or accept multiple dry contacts to trigger an alarm.

The DCN-15A fits into 19 ”telecommunication cabinets or racks and is 1U high. To connect analog and discrete lines, E1 lines, the DCN-15A module is equipped with up to 4 connection cables, which are installed on a DIN rail.

The front panel of the DCN-15A contains an indication of the state of the subscriber interfaces, the E1 line, the state of the DCN-15A itself and the health of the power supply circuits for monitoring and evaluating the operability.

You can study the DCN-15A analogue subsystems module in detail and download the documentation for it in the product catalog at the link.