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DCN-2 Central exchange unit

The DCN-2 is a compact central exchange unit of the Armtel digital Intercom and PA/GA communication systems DCN. The DCN-2 central exchange unit is equipped with 1 to 4 of 4E1 interface boards, each provides the four E1 line interfaces. For each E1 line of the DCN-2 exchange, connection of subscribers unit for 15 digital or analogue interfaces, another DCN exchange, or use it as an ISDN PRI line to communicate with an external PBX. Thus, the maximum capacity of the DCN-2 exchange is determined by the number of 4E1 modules installed and can be up to 240 subscribers.

Operating voltage
from -36 V to -60 V
Operating voltage
20 W
Number of E1 ports
from 4 to 16
Communication interface for the subscriber devices
Е1 (G.703/G.704)
Communication protocol on the network level
Q.921, Q.931
Operating temperature
from -5˚C to +55˚C
Air humidity
Up to 80 % at +25˚С
Degree of protection
Класс электробезопасности по ГОСТ IEC 61140-2012
Enclosure dimensions
483×315×89 mm
Maximum weight
4,4 kg
  • Direct simplex and duplex communication with extended voice signal bandwidth up to 6,8 kHz;
  • Free calls to any subscriber or group of subscribers (for devices with a dialer);
  • Provision of a group call and multilateral group communication (selector, circular, conference);
  • Individual and zone (group) notification of subscribers by loud-speaker communication;
  • Free numbering and 255 level of priority for calls between subscribers;
  • Manual or automatic broadcasting of audio fragments, alarms, alerts and messages from voice memory;
  • Interconnecting of two or more DCN central exchanges into a common communication system;
  • Local and remote (via IP-network) monitoring, diagnostics and configuration of the central exchange unit, lines and subscribers.
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DCN-2 Central exchange unit

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