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DCN-15A Analogue subsystems module

The DCN-15A Analogue Interface Module is a compact 15-channel converter of the digital interface E1 into analog low-frequency communication lines and discrete I/O lines to provide communication with analoge quipment and receive signals from other systems.

Supply voltage range
from - 36 V to - 60 V
Maximum power
20 W
Communication protocol
E1 (G.703/G.704)
Operating temperature
from – 5 oC to + 55 oC
Relative humidity
up to 80 % at + 25 oС
Degree of protection
482×243×43 mm
Maximum weight (without connection cable weight)
2.2 kg

DCN-15A is a compact analog connection module unit of the Armtel digital Intercom and PA/GA communication systems DCN.
DCN-15A has 15 two-way interfaces of LF-analogue lines and 60 discrete two-way control lines for connecting end devices, and also digital interface E1 for connection to a DCN-type system.
Central exchange unit of DCN system controls operation of DCN-15A and subscriber units or discrete lines connected to it by E1 line.

  • Connection to the system via Е1 interface for simplex communication with fifteen subscribers with analogue interface (connected subscriber may have up to eight call keys);
  • Construction of multi-channel system of zonal PA/GA (up to 15 channels, maximum eight zones per channel) using power amplifiers and a relays for switching loudspeakers’ lines;
  • Connection up to 60 discrete control lines for each analogue interface for controlling alarm systems and automation, as well as for indicating various statuses and connection modes (busy, incoming and out-going calls, etc.) on the subscriber unit keys;
  • Indication of CPU, E1 stream lines, subscriber unit connection ports, failures, RS-232 interface sockets for computer connection;
  • DCN-15A is equipped with polarity protection of power supply connection, overcurrent and overvoltage protection for discrete lines and surge voltage protection for analogue lines.
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