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Explosion-proof call station now also via IP!

news | 07.12.2020

Armtel presented a new unique explosion-proof call station DWEx-IP2 based on IP technology, which can be directly connected, without the use of gateways and converters, to an enterprise’s IP network for organizing PA/GA in IPN and ArmtelICS systems at industrial enterprises.

DWEx-IP2 is designed for operation in explosion hazardous dust and gas environments according to explosion protection labelling “II 2 G Ex db eb Ib IIC T4 Gb” and “II 2 D Ex tb IIIC T135°C Db IP66“. Has explosion-proof categories “explosion-proof equipment”, provides protection type of “flameproof enclosure (d)”, provides protection “increased safety (е)”, provides protection “intrinsically-safe circuit “i” type “ib” and provides protection type of “dust ignition protection type “tD”.

DWEx-IP2 contains embedded software and configuration data stored in device memory, which allows it to communicate directly with other subscribers and build a completely decentralized communication system.

DWEx-IP2 is connected to the IP network via Ethernet and powered via PoE. Versions with two Ethernet interfaces are available for redundant network connectivity for increased reliability. An ADSL interface is used to connect to longer distances.

Like every other equipment of Armtel’s IP2 line, DWEx-IP2 supports two communication protocols – Armtel-IP and SIP.

DWEx-IP2 supports a variety of communication modules, from direct dial keys to dial pad and handset, allowing flexible implementation of the required communication scenarios. DWEx-IP2 version with a built-in 25 W amplifier allows you to connect an external loudspeaker to increase announcement area.


You can learn more about the new IP call station DWEx-IP2 and download documentation for it in the product catalog by clicking here