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DWEx-IP2 Explosion proof Call Station

Explosion-proof Call Station DWEx-IP2 is a subscriber equipment designed for use in decentralized and centralized intercom and PA/GA systems IPN and ArmtelICS at industrial and transportation enterprises.
DWEx-IP2 is a pure IP Flameproof Field Call Station at the market that connect to IP network without any additional gateways.

Rated power supply voltage, V
Permissible supply voltage range **, V
from 37 to 57*
Conformity with the PoE class
IEEE 802.3af Class 0
Reverse polarity protection
Maximum current consumption, A
Maximum power consumption, W
Rated power supply voltage of amplifier 25 W, V
Maximum current consumption of amplifier 25 W from the external source, A
Maximum electric power of amplifier 25 W, no less than, W
Maximum switching power the integrated relay (in DWEx-IP2 supply voltage range), W
Bandwidth of LF signal (-3 dB) of the transmit and receive assembly, Hz
from 300 to 14000
Sound pressure level at maximum volume, SPL at a distance of 1,0/0,5/0,3 m, at least, dB
Maximum electric power of the integrated loudspeaker amplifier, no less than, W
Number of programmed direct connections/functions
up to 24
Total duration of voice messages stored in the device memory, no less than, min
Communication interfaces
IEEE 802.3u (100BaseT), IEEE 802.3i (10BaseT)
ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+ ITU-T G.992.1...992.5

Communication protocols
Armtel-IP, SIP, SNMP
Audio data format (coder/decoder):
- over SIP protocol

G.711A (A-Law)
G.711U (µ-Law)
- over Armtel-IP protocol
Explosion-proof marking as per GOST 31610.0-2014 (IEC 60079-0)
1Ex d e ib IIC T4 Gb;
Ex tb IIIC T 135°C Db
Explosion-proof marking as per EN 60079-0:2012
II 2 G Ex db eb Ib IIC T4 Gb;
II 2 D Ex tb IIIC T135°C Db IP66
Electric protection class as per GOST IEC 61140-2012
Climatic category as per GOST 15150-69
Ingress protection as per GOST 14254-2015 (IEC 60529:2013)
Ambient operating temperature range, °С
from -40 to +55
Max. relative air humidity at temperature of +25 °C (with moisture condensation)
up to 100 %
Maximum dimensions without handset, mm
Maximum dimensions with handset, mm
Maximum weight (depending on versions), kg
* Voltage − DC. Versions with amplifier 25 W are powered via a separate 48 V line for amplifier 25 W.
** Starting VDC: 41 V.

DWEx-IP2 Flameproof IP Field Call Station is designed for operation in explosion hazardous dusty and gaseous environments excluding mines and their superstructures with hazards related to mine gas according to explosion protection marking «1Ex d e ib IIC T4 Gb» and «Ex tb IIIC T 135°C Db» [GOST 31610.0-2014 (IEC 60079-0:2011), PUE] and «II 2 G Ex db eb Ib IIC T4 Gb» and «II 2 D Ex tb IIIC T135°C Db IP66» (EN 60079-0:2012).

DWEx-IP2 has explosion-proof categories «explosion-proof equipment»», provides protection type of «flameproof enclosure (d)», provides protection «increased safety (е)», provides protection «intrinsically-safe circuit «i» type «ib» and provides protection type of «dust ignition protection type «tD».

DWEx-IP2 contains embedded software and configuration data stored in RОM, which allows it to communicate with other digital communication system users directly, handle priority connections and manage communication and indication modes. An IP-network built using standard network equipment is used to facilitate communication.

DWEx-IP2 is designed for employment in an explosion proof zones of the premises and external installations in accordance with certain explosion proof marking, requirements Technical Regulation of the Customs Union “On safety of equipment intended for use in explosive atmospheres” (TR CU 012/2011), GOST IEC 60079-14-2013, chapter 7.3 «Regulations for Electrical Installation» (PUE), ATEX 2014/34/EU and other normative documents, regulating usage of electrical equipment in highly explosive zone.

  • Two-way loud-speaking simplex communication via Armtel-IP and SIP protocols;
  • Half-duplex (manual control) communication via SIP protocol;
  • Indication of busy call, incoming and outgoing calls, unanswered call notification on direct buttons;
  • Free programming of the direct buttons (up to 24 pcs.);
  • Voice message recording via the programmed key with the local function of fragment recording and playback of voice messages on end-user devices;
  • Control of the ACM-IP2 and ACM-IP2.1 analogue subsystem module with “Relay” function;
  • Connection to the IP network via Ethernet 100BaseT or ADSL;
  • Network connection redundancy in versions with two Ethernet interfaces;
  • Enabling organization of a group simplex call;
  • Local volume adjustment for the integrated loudspeaker and the handset speaker;
  • Call implementation on a priority basis (up to 255 priority levels);
  • Setting up unilateral control and “End” function modes;
  • Control (commutation) of external actuating devices using an integrated electro-mechanical relay (lamp-type signaling device).