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What is TOP-PAD-IP2 capable of?

News | 08.02.2021

In 2018, the “TOP-PAD-IP2 Dispatcher console” device appeared in line of Armtel devices.

TOP-PAD-IP2 is used in dispatching and PA/GA systems at industrial and transport enterprises. Thanks to the 10.1″ touch screen, up to 224 touch buttons can be programmed without connecting an additional expansion unit with mechanical buttons. This saves space on the dispatcher’s desk.

For informational content, the buttons support color indication of events, for example: green – simplex call, red – missed call. The button displays the subscriber’s name and information on which screen he is located on.

What is TOP-PAD-IP2 capable of?

The screens can be named, for example: “Workshop”, “Manufacturing”, “Purchasing”. The number of screens is not limited. The list of screens can be flipped with the “<” and “>” buttons.

In the tab “PA/GA” and “Radio” you can assign subscribers depending on the type of communication.

If there is no information on which screen the subscriber is on, in the “Contacts” tab you can quickly find and call him, saving time on finding the right person for operative communication. The main screen displays a short list of caller history. On it you can see information about the current call and call back if the call was missed. You can still find out about a missed call by the flashing LEDs, they are installed in the upper part of the front panel (above the speakers).

More detailed information can be found in the “History” tab.

What is TOP-PAD-IP2 capable of?

List of the last 25 calls with displaying the time of outgoing, incoming and missed calls, communication method, name. You can immediately make a call from the “History”. It is possible to filter calls and display only the ones you need by one of the criteria: incoming, outgoing, missed. To avoid hearing unnecessary things during a call, you can turn off the microphone using the “Mute” button.

TOP-PAD-IP2 can connect to a network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, and to ensure a reliable connection there is the possibility of redundant network interfaces.

Connections are made using one of the protocols: Armtel-IP and SIP. The proprietary Armtel-IP protocol works on Multicast, has no “single point of failure” and provides high performance and low cost of the system built on the IPN Architecture.

TOP-PAD-IP2 is a multifunctional device. By connecting a TOP-HS-IP2 Handset unit or a Bluetooth headset to TOP-PAD-IP2, we get a full-fledged phone replacement with the ability to handle several incoming calls, organize a conference and change settings directly from the device. In the settings, you can switch the interface language to English, control the screen brightness, speaker volume and microphone sensitivity. To dial a subscriber’s number in the “Telephone” tab, a dial pad is provided.

What is TOP-PAD-IP2 capable of?

The software-based echo cancellation algorithm ensures high-quality voice transmission, and the support for wideband codecs ensures HD Voice sound quality.

TOP-PAD-IP2 can combine a dispatcher console and a telephone.

You can learn more about TOP-PAD-IP2 and download documentation for it in the product catalog by clicking here.