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Successful project for Ras Lanuf Oil and Gas Processing Company (Rasco)

| 01.10.2019

Ras Lanuf Oil and Gas Processing Company (Rasco) is a subsidiary of the stateowned National Oil Corporation of Libya (NOC).
The company was found in 1983 to establish all the processes of oil manufacturing and petrochemical, organic plastic and fibers. It became operational in 1984 and produces an estimated 35,000 m3/d. General products of the refinery are fuel oil, gas oil, LPG, naphtha and kerosene.
Being the biggest oil refinery in the country, Ras Lanuf enterprise comprises 8 separate units that are spread over quite large territory with distance of up to several kilometers between some facilities.


Significant part of the oil products produced at the refinery is transported by sea. The refinery harbor consists of 4 piers where oil tankers accost to be loaded. High explosive risks during these processes require maximum safety of equipment as well as providing fast two-way communication on long distances.

Most of the facilities are equipped with old fashioned communication systems that cannot meet the requirements towards efficiency and reliability that are desired by the system users. RASCO staff is well aware of different solutions available on the market combined various requirements in a project specification for the Public Address system.


Ras Lanuf Oil and Gas Processing Company (Rasco), National Oil Corporation of Libya Oil & Gas industry

  • Location: Ras Lanuf, Libya
  • Plant capacity: 220,000 bbl per day
  • Project type: Public Address system


  • DCN central equipment
  • 12 explosion proof wall-mounted DW Call Stations
  • 12 explosion proof horn loudspeakers 25W
  • 12 acoustic hoods
  • 3 Power amplifiers 2x250W
  • 1 desktop DIS Call Station


Armtel have modernized the communication system at Rasco piers and put into operation digital centralized Public Address system. The solution made it possible to find and give on-line commands to personnel responsible for oil tankers loading and to receive answers from people on the piers in order to improve the processes timely. Direct simplex connections enable fast communication with a desired specialist without using a walky-talky.

The call stations were equipped with the acoustic hoods to make communication intelligible in noisy harbor environments.

As a result, time of oil products loading and the amount of wasted production were decreased due to in-process control. Explosion proof equipment of the system provided the highest level of safety and minimized emergency risks at the site.


Successful project for Ras Lanuf Oil and Gas Processing Company (Rasco)