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TOP-EC-IP2 Expansion unit

TOP-EC-IP2 is designed for expanding the number of function direct keys for TOP-DIS-IР2 Desktop call station RMLT.465311.009 and TOP-PAD-IP2 Desktop intercom station RMLT.465329.001 manufactured by Armtel LLC.

Rated voltage, V
Supply voltage range, V
Maximum current consumption, max, А
Power consumption, max, W
Communication buses with TOP-DIS-IP2 and TOP-PAD-IP2
I^2C (Armtel)
Auxiliary modules I2C connection, pcs.
2 (RJ25/6P6C)
Functional keys, pcs.
DIP Address Switch, pcs.
LED indication
Functional keys, Housing
Electrical safety class under GOST IEC 61140-2012
Protection degree provided by shells
Climatic category according GOST 15150-69
NF4.1 (Conditioned locations or partially conditioned air)
Ambient temperature range, ºC
from -20 to +40
Atmospheric pressure, kPa
from 84 to 106,7
Air relative humidity at the temperature of 25 °С, %
up to 80
Overall dimensions (desktop-mounting, on stand), no more, mm
Weight, kg
(1,1 ± 5%)

TOP-EC-IP2 Expansion unit can be applied together with TOP-DIS-IР2 master call station in distributed and centralized digital intercom and PA/GA communication systems (based on allotted SIP server manufactured by Armtel LLC) at metal, chemical, oil-processing, oil and gas, energy and transport industries or at facilities of the same type. TOP-EC-IP2 is designed for installation in operator control rooms, offices and premises.

TOP-ЕС-IP2 performs the following functions:
− simplex communication with loud-speaking function for subscribers over SIP and «Armtel-IP» protocols using preprogrammed function keys via TOP-DIS-IР2 or TOP-PAD-IP2 connected to TOP-ЕС-IP2;
− duplex loudspeaker communication of subscribers via SIP protocol;
− indication of incoming and outgoing calls, line status (busy), missed call via SIP protocols, “Armtel-IP” by means of function key illumination, as well as LED indication on the front panel;
− increasing of function keys total number up to 126 pcs. by connecting of TOP-DIS-IP2, up to 84 pcs. by connecting of ТОР-PAD-IP2;
− allocation of addresses for additional target keys to TOP-DIS-IP2 / TOP-PAD-IP2 using DIP-switches.
Configuration of TOP-ЕС-IP2 shall be carried out using the personal computer of the IPN network administrator on which IPN2