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SVS-S Sound Vision System

The SVS-S Sound Vision System is a predictive diagnostic system.


Based on acoustic holography technology.


Able to quickly localize the source of suspicious noise and implement predictive control based on the received data.

Increase of signal/interference ratio, not less, dB
Operating frequency range, Hz
from 20 to 20000
Number of recording channels, pcs.
Integral level of audio signals, dB
from 29 to 120
Video frame rate, Hz
5 to 25
Supply voltage without PoE (standby or external power supply), V
18 to 24
Power consumption, W
to 50
Support PoE
UPOE / 802.3bt PoE++ (50W)
PoE voltage, V
42 to 57
Network Interface
IEEE 802.3ab 1000Base-T RJ45
Overall dimensions (without mounting and power supply devices), mm
Angular field of acoustic signals reception, degree
Supports the algorithm of visualization of the acoustic field
Beamforming, Corellation, Music, Deviance
Protection degree provided by enclosure according to GOST 14254-96
Permissible atmospheric pressure range, kPa
- 84,0 to 106,7
Operating temperature range, ºC
-20 to +40
Package weight, not more, kg

The SVS-S Sound Vision System has an all-weather design. Allows you to determine and notify the operator about the source of a gas leak in real time, non-contact diagnose machines and mechanisms by their own noise emission, audit the operation of emitters of sound warning systems, determine the coordinates of the noise source and identify it.

  • Real-time visualization of the acoustic picture
  • System and mechanism diagnostics mode
  • Sending SNMP notifications
  • Video recorder mode
  • 24/7 monitoring of equipment operability