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PLY-300 IP-based amplifier

PLY-300 IP-based amplifier used to organize PA/GA and PA announcements in distributed and centralized communication system IPN and ArmtelICS. PLY-300 is used as an IP subscriber device and allows you to create and control up to 4 public address lines with monitoring.

Rated voltage
48 VDC
Supply voltage range
from 43 to 53 VDC
Output power
300 W
Output voltage
100 ± 10 % VAC
Maximum current consumption
10 A
Standby consumption current, no more
0,22 A
Sound signal bandwidth
from 300 to 7200 Hz
Communication protocols
Armtel-IP, SIP, SNMP
Codec for SIP protocol
Number of ports Ethernet 100BaseTX
Number of amplification channels
Number of announcements zones
up to 4
Electrical protection class by GOST IEC 62368-1-2014
2HU 19"
Ambient air permissible temperature range
from - 5 to + 55 ºC
Atmospheric pressure
from 84,0 to 106,7 kPa
Relative humidity at +25 ± 2 °С
no more 80 %
Protection level by GOST 14254-2015 (IEC 60529:2013) (IP code)
390 х 482 х 90 mm
Maximum weight
11,5 kg

PLY-300 is IP-based amplifier, used in IPN and ArmtelICS industrial public address systems manufactured by Armtel. PLY-300 is equipped with 100 V signal outputs for public address lines. PLY-300 includes built-in software and configuration data for decentralized work and can be connected to system via IP network.

PLY-300 can be used in metallurgical, chemical, oil refining, gas and oil-producing industries and similar to them in terms of application, as well as on railways.

  • Public announcement via «Armtel-IP» and SIP protocols;
  • Up to 4 addressable speaker zones;
  • Provision for loop connection;
  • LED indicators of signals and operation modes;
  • Volume controls, high and low frequency tone controls;
  • Monitoring loudspeaker lines for ground faults, short circuits, impedance deviations and line breaks;
  • Measurements at adjustable intervals from 2 minutes to 24 hours;
  • OLED display for providing information;
  • Remote monitoring via SNMP;
  • Possibility to connect backup amplifier;
  • Housing of 2U height for installation in 19″ cabinet;
  • Supply voltage – 48 V DC;
  • Connection interface – Ethernet 100BaseTX.