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NCU PA line monitoring module

NCU PA line monitoring module is designed to monitor earth faults and short circuits, as well as to monitor resistance and line break of 100 V loudspeakers.

Rated voltage
48 VDC
Supply voltage range
from 36 to 60 VDC
Maximum power consumption
10 W
Number of controlled loudspeaker lines
4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28 or 32*

Maximum power per line at 100 V
500 W
Communication interface via Ethernet line (two Ethernet ports, one of which is a reserve)
Number of ports Ethernet 100BaseTX
Protocol for transmitting information about the state of lines and device
SNMP v.2
Protocol for device configuration
Measurement interval
2 min/ 5 min/ 10 min/ 15 min/ 30 min/ 1 h/ 2 h/ 3 h/ 6 h/ 12 h/ 24 h/ Disabled
Measurement frequency
16 kHz
OLED display with three-line alphanumeric indication
1U 19"
Electrical protection class by GOST IEC 62368-1-2014
Climatic category under GOST 15150-69
Ambient air permissible temperature range
from - 5 to + 55 ºC
Atmospheric pressure
from 84,0 to 106,7 kPa
Relative humidity at +25 ± 2 °С
no more 80 %
Protection level by GOST 14254-2015 (IEC 60529:2013) (IP code)
234 х 482 х 43 mm
Maximum weight
2,5 kg
* Depending on the number of connected NCU-REL Relay module for 4 lines

To perform all product functions, at least one NCU-REL relay module must be connected to the NCU. Depending on the number of connected NCU-REL relay modules, up to 32 loudspeaker lines can be monitored. Maximum number of NCU-REL relay modules connected to the NCU is 8 pcs.

NCU PA line monitoring module is used in public address systems in metallurgical, chemical, oil refining, gas and oil-producing industries and similar to them in terms of application, as well as on transport.

  • Control up to 32 loudspeaker lines;
  • Periodic measurements with an adjustable interval from 2 minutes to 24 hours;
  • Monitoring loudspeaker lines for ground faults, short circuits, impedance deviations and line breaks;
  • Connection interface – 100BaseTX Ethernet;
  • Ethernet connection redundancy;
  • OLED display for providing information;
  • Remote monitoring via SNMP;
  • Transfer of information about status of device and loudspeaker lines to UMCS monitoring system;
  • Supply voltage – 48 VDC.