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ЕС-ТОР Expansion Unit

ЕС-ТОР expansion unit is an optional equipment and is designed to increase number of programmable keys of desktop digital call station DIS-ТОР and DTS-ТОР. It is used within Armtel DCN Intercom and PA/GA system at industrial and transportation sites. ЕС-ТОР expansion unit is installed at offices and control rooms.

Operating voltage
5,0 V
Standby consumption current
100 mA
Maximum consumption current
220 mA
Electrical protection class by GOST IEC 61140-2012
Protection level provided by shells by GOST 14254-2015
Climatic version, atmosphere type by GOST 15150-69
Ambient air permissible temperature range
from -20 to +50 ºC
Relative humidity at 25 °С
up to 80 %
Dimensions on a stand
275×140×245 mm
(1,07 ± 0,05) kg

EC-TOP Expansion unit is the optional equipment and designed for increase number of programmable direct keys of master call station DIS-TOP and DTS-TOP of Armtel digital Intercom and PA/GA communication systems.
EC-TOP can be installed on a table using a removable stand, can be mounted to the wall, and can also be embedded in a work surface (table top) made of wood, metal or plastic. EC-TOP has 48 keys with LED indication, increased mechanical strength and wear resistance. Depending on pre-programmed functions, the keys backlighting can have different colors – red, green, blue and orange. The keys have transparent caps for placing labels. A certain function can be assigned to any key of a specific call station or a telephone set.
On the ЕС-TOP enclosure there are sockets to connect cables for connection with DIS-ТОР master call station, DTS-ТОР phone and with another ЕС-ТОР unit.

  • Installation: desktop, wall, flush mounted;
  • Connection to DIS-TOP and DTS-TOP devices;
  • 42 four-colour backlight keys of increased mechanical strength and durability;
  • Simultaneous connection of up to 3 modules (expansion of DIS-TOP up to168 keys);
  • 4-color keys for indication of incoming and outgoing calls, busy subscriber, unanswered call, last call;
  • Power supply from DIS-TOP or DTS-TOP.