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DTS-ТОР Multifunctional Desktop Digital phone

DTS-ТОР multifunctional desktop digital phone is designed for two-way voice communication under control of Armtel DCN Intercom and PA/GA system at industrial and transport enterprises. DTS-ТОР, connected to the central exchange of the DCN system, provides all types of telephone and intercom communication. Direct connection to various communication systems and all types of subscriber devices is supported.

Rated voltage
48 V
Supply voltage range
from 36 to 60 V
Reverse polarity protection
Standby consumption current
100 mA
Maximum consumption current
220 mA
Sound signal bandwidth
from 300 to 6800 Hz
Communication interface
Communication protocol
Built-in amplifier power at nominal signal level
(1,0 ± 0,1) W
Electrical protection class by GOST IEC 61140-2012
Protection level provided by shells by GOST 14254-2015
Climatic version, atmosphere type by GOST 15150-69
Ambient air permissible temperature range
from -20 to +50 ºC
Relative humidity at 25 ºC
up to 80 %
Dimensions on a stand, maximum
275×142×245 mm
(1,31 ± 0,05) kg

DTS-ТОР desktop digital phone connected to the central exchange of the Armtel DCN PA/GA communication system, provides all types of telephone communication.
DTS-ТОР can be installed on a table using a removable stand, can be mounted to the wall, and can also be embedded in a work surface (table top) made of wood, metal or plastic. DTS-TOP has 30 keys with LED indication, increased mechanical strength and wear resistance.
Conditionally, the keys can be divided into three functional blocks: dial pad keys, functional keys and direct call keys. Using the dial pad keys, you can dial the phone number of the subscriber. The functional keys are used to increase or decrease the volume of the integrated speaker of the phone, handset and headset, ringer, display brightness, call repeat, hands-free mode and menu navigation. At the time of pressing, each key of the dial pad and the functional keys are highlighted by a green LED.
A certain communication function can be assigned to any direct call key. Depending on pre-programmed functions, the keys backlighting can have different colors – red, green, blue and orange. The keys have transparent caps for placing labels. Number of direct call keys can be increased up to 136 by connection of three ЕС-ТОР expansion units.
A broadband speaker and a graphical 4.3” TFT display with LED backlight is used in DTS-TOP desktop digital phone.
On the DTS-TOP enclosure base there are sockets to connect cables for Uk0–interface, headset and handset and cables for expansion units.

  • Use as a stand-alone phone (all functions of digital telephony) or simplex / duplex multifunction subscriber unit; • Installation: table, wall-mounted, embedded into work surface (table top);
  • 30 keys and graphical 4.3” TFT display with LED backlight;
  • Connection of up to 3 additional ЕС-ТОР expansion units, up to 42 keys each;
  • Simplex and duplex communication using handset or headset;
  • Two-way loud-speaking simplex and duplex communication using integrated speakerphone;
  • Connection by pre-programmed direct call keys, storing and redialing of last number;
  • Display of DTS-TOP number, date, time and type of communication for incoming and outgoing calls, numbers of calling and called subscribers;
  • Configuration of operation parameters using a display and functional keys with LED backlight of different colors;
  • Four-color backlight of the direct call keys for indication of incoming and outgoing calls, type of communication, busy subscriber, unanswered and last calls;
  • Additional LED indication on the front panel for incoming and outgoing calls;
  • Volume control, call signal and display brightness by pre-programmed keys;
  • • Bilingual display menu.