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DCN IP-Gateway

DCN IP-gateway is a commutation device, performing the conversion and matching of digital data flows and voice connection protocols between the subscribers of DCN digital communication system or the subscribers of third party private branch exchange (PBX) connected via E1 line and IP-devices of digital dispatch system IPN produced by Armtel, or between SIP-devices and IP-PBX.

Rated voltage
48 V
Supply voltage range
from 36 to 60 V
Maximum power consumption (depending on number of installed modules)
from 4 to 12 W
Capacity (with E1/IPN module DCN IP-gateway)
15 channels
Capacity (with E1/SIP module DCN IP-gateway)
15 or 30 channels
Capacity (with E1/FTP module DCN IP-gateway)
15 channels
Communication interface
Е1, 100BaseT Ethernet
Communication protocol
Codec for transmission of audio data
G.711u, G.711a
Status indication
Electrical safety class according to GOST IEC 61140-2012
Degree of protection provided by shells in accordance with GOST 14254-2015
Seismic resistance category (under NP-031-01)
Safety Class (under NP-001-15 and NP-033-11)
Ambient air permissible temperature range
from -5 to +55 ºC
Atmospheric pressure
from 84 to 106,7 kPа
Relative air humidity at 25 ºC
up to 80 %
Dimensions, maximum
482×212×42,8 mm (19" 1U)
Maximum weight
2 kg

DCN IP gateway provides communication between subscriber devices of DCN and IPN Intercom and PA/GA communication systems, using the enhanced Armtel protocols, as well as their connection with other systems and devices via SIP protocol or ISDN PRI. The DCN IP-gateway enclosure can include up to 3 modules, which can differ by versions of built-in software.

Functional options of DCN IP-gateway module are determined by the version of installed

• E1/IPN

Module of DCN IP-gateway with software E1/IPN is for integration of the digital operative-technological PA/GA communication systems DCN and IPN produced by Armtel

• E1/SIP

Module of DCN IP-gateway with software E1/SIP is for communication of the subscribers of the digital operative-technological PA/GA communication system DCN with the devices of SIP telephony, such as SIP-telephones and IP-АBX, as well as for arrangement of communication between DCN central exchanges via IP-network

• E1/FTP

Module of DCN IP-gateway with software E1/FTP is for arrangement at external FTP-server of the storage of audio information, transmitted via E1 stream from the digital operative-technological PA/GA communication system DCN. This storage is used for realiza-tion of special communication functions, performing record and playback of speech fragments.