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DCN-2 Central exchange unit

The DCN-2 central exchange module is designed for connecting up to 16 x DCN-16 exchanges via E1 digital interfaces to provide simplex and duplex intercom and PA communications at industrial sites. DCN-2 module is scalable up to 240 digital subscribers through the DCN-16. DCN-2 modules can be further scaled up to maximum of 3600 digital subscribers.

89 x 483 x 326 mm
Light gray
4,7 kg
Operating voltage
36 – 60 VDC
Power consumption (without phantom power supply)
≤ 20 W
Speech bandwidth
6.8 kHz
Priority levels
DCN-2 capacity
DCN-2 network capacity

Due to high reliability and functional capabilities DCN systems are successfully used in oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, steel, power, nuclear, marine industries as well as in transport sector.

DCN-system functions vary and depend on software and subscriber devices.

Its general functional characteristics are: hot swapping, automatic subscribers monitoring, interface with PABX, subscribers phantom power supply, 6 km subscribers removal, 65 priority levels, DCN-2 Capacity – 240, DCN-2 network Capacity – 3600, Windows software.

DCN-system has improved high speech bandwidth – 6.8 kHz. It has improved speech clarity and makes it possible to use equipment in noisy areas.

  • Two-way simplex/duplex communication;
  • Individual, group call and general call;
  • Single, group and general PA/GA;
  • Radio subscribers connection;
  • Two-way communication with PABX telephones;
  • Broadcasting of manual or automatic alarm signals and pre-recorded messages;
  • Flexible numbering plan;
  • Priority call order (255);
  • Speech messages recording;
  • Remote control and system configuration;
  • Automatic subscribers status monitoring;
  • Protection degree IP40.

DCN-2 switch

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