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DCN-16U Digital subscribers exchange unit

DCN-16U digital subscribers exchange unit is designed for operation as a part of DCN digital Intercom and PA/GA system on the basis of DCN-2 or DCN-Q4E switching processor module and provides for interfacing with digital subscriber equipment by Uk0-interface. DCN-16U transmits digital data between 15 subscriber Uk0-interfaces and E1 line of a central exchange unit. In addition, there is a version of DCN-16U with built-in DCN-Q4E switching processor module.

483×227×44 mm
2,5 kg
Supply voltage range
from - 36 V to - 60 V
Max. power
20 W
Number of subscriber unit connected
max 15
Communication interface
Operating temperature
from -5 ˚C to +55 ˚C
Relative humidity
Up to 80 % @ +25 ˚C
Communication protocol
E1 (G.703/G.704)
Degree of protection

DCN-16U allows connection of desktop and wall-mounted digital intercom stations, at a distance of up to 6 kms.

DCN-system has improved high speech bandwidth – 6.8 kHz. It has improved speech clarity and makes it possible to use equipment in noisy areas.

  • Connection of up to 15 digital subscriber devices to DCN system by the digital two wire subscriber interfaces Uk at a distance of max. 6 km;
  • Local control and diagnostics using two-colour LED indication on the front panel of subscriber interface and E1 line status;
  • Creation of low capacity DCN system (up to 15 digital subscribers, expandable up to 60 subscribers when connecting additional DCN-16U), for a version with DCN-Q4E module;
  • “Phantom” power supply of subscriber units by Uk0-interface line;
  • DIN41612С socket for connection of digital subscribers, a group of phantom power fuses, strip of jumpers for power supply to subscriber units;
  • DRB-25FA socket for 4 E1 lines connection cable of DCN-Q4E module, if installed, on the back panel;
  • The connection cable is equipped with screw terminals for connecting lines of subscriber Uk0-interfaces that are located on a DIN-rack mountable board. There are failure signal relays on the cable board.

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