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АСМ-IP2 Analogue subsystems module

Analogue subsystems module АСМ-IP2 is designated to be used at industrial and transportation sites in Armtel distributed and centralized Intercom and PA/GA communication systems. АСМ-IP2 allows to connect to a system various analogue equipment, amplifiers, analogue low-frequency lines and discrete control lines, signaling devices. АСМ-IP2 provides interaction with automation and alarm devices. АСМ-IP2 module has 1 A/F channel for connecting analogue devices and 8 I\O digital bi-directional control lines.

Rated power supply voltage
-48 V
Power supply by PoE plus (IEEE 802.3at)
-48 V
Operating voltage
from -36 V to -60 V
Maximum current consumption, for version without ADSL-IP2 adapter
510 mА
Maximum current consumption, for version
with ADSL-IP2 adapter
Bandwidth of low-frequency signal
(by level -3 db)
from 300 to 6800 Hz
Communication interface (two Ethernet ports, one being stand-by, also for power supply by PoE)
100BaseT Ethernet
Communication protocol
«SIP», «Armtel-IP»
Number of analogue lines
Nominal input / output signal level
775 (0) mB (db)
Signal / noise ratio, min
75 db
Internal resistance of the line, max
1,0 kOhm
Number of channels of the integrated amplifier (sound information is transmitted simultaneously through 2 channels)
Power rating of the integrated amplifier for one channel (with 8 Ohn load), min
1,0 W
Number of control lines (programmable)
Input current, max
5,0 mА
Output current, max
35 mА
Communication interface
Communication protocol by ADSL line
IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u, ITU G.992.1…992.5
Communication interface
WI-FI 2.4
Communication protocol by Wi-Fi
IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n
Communication interface with ACM-IP2
USB 2.0
Overall dimensions with raised antenna, max
183×85×78 mm
Weight, max
0,2 kg
Electrical safety class
Air humidity
Up to 80 % at+25˚С
Operating temperature
from -5˚C to +55˚C
Overall dimensions, max
175×125×54 mm
Maximum weight
0,3 kg

АСМ-IP2 has two hardware versions: RLMT.465275.006 – Analogue subsystems module АСМ-IP2 and RLMT.465275.006-01 – Analogue subsystems module АСМ-IP2 completed with adapter module ADSL-IP2.

  • Connection of amplifiers in ARMTEL PA/GA system. Switching of loudspeaker lines (up to 8 zones);
  • Communication between analogue and digital subscriber devices via the protocols Armtel-IP and SIP;
  • Bi-directional conversion of IP interface into analog one to provide communication with analogue subscribers;
  • Communication with analogue units using ADSL channel or wireless data transfer WiFi channel;
  • Recording of voice messages to SD card in WAV format with linear encoding 16 bit 16 kHz;
  • Playback of pre-recorded voice messages; • Total duration of messages is more than 1500 minutes;
  • Remote administration using the WEB interface or IPN system administration software.