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Armtelics Intercom Server

Armtelics Intercom Server is a core component of Armtelics centralized system, which provides SIP registration for subscribers, call routing and transcoding of different codecs (include wideband codecs). Armtelics Intercom Server provides integration of different network technologies, packet-switched and circuit-switched networks within industrial communication system.

Armtelics Intercom Server hardware is based on x64 architecture. Hardware requirements depend on quontity of SIP subscribers. Therefore, maximum system capacity is unlimited and depends on hardware specification. For interoperability with Armtel DCN system and 3rd party PBX it is possible to add E1-PCIe extension boards. Fault tolerance is achieved by implementation of different replication and redundancy mechanism (N+1,2N, etc). SIP (RFC 3261) is main communication protocol for centralized Armtelics system.


  • Set of operational documents
Operating voltage
от 100V до 240V, 60 Hz
Maximum power consumption
200, 350VA
Network interface
10Base-T, 100Base-TX, 1000Base-T
Е1 (G.703/G.704) – optional
300 mA
Interface for peripheral devices
RJ-45 Ethernet connection
from 2 to 4
RJ-45 Е1 connection (optional)
up to 4
437x43x503 mm
Max weight
8,5 kg
Signaling protocols
Network protocols
Hardware architecture
Operating system
CentOS v7
Electrical safety class IEC 61140-2012
Air humidity
up to 90%
Operating temperature
from +10С to +35С
  • Direct simplex and duplex communication with extended voice signal bandwidth up to 14kHz;
  • Simplex and duplex multi-party call scenarios, including conference calls;
  • Free numbering and 255 levels of priority;
  • Supports API for seamless integration with 3rd party applications and systems (e.g., DMR-API for integration with DMR Tier II digital mobile radio);
  • Voice recording with WEB access to stored audio;
  • Remote configuration and monitoring (WEB GUI);
  • Supported codecs: G.711A, G.711U, G.722.1(Siren7), G.722.1C (Siren14);
  • Interconnecting of two or more Armtel Intercom Servers into a single communication system;
  • Integration with PBX through ISDN PRI or SIP.

Armtelics Intercom Server

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