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ACM-IP2.1 Analogue subsystems module

Analogue subsystems module АСМ-IP2.1 is designated to be used within decentralized and centralized intercom and PA/GA systems Armtel IPN and ArmtelICS at industrial and transportation enterprises to connect analog equipment or interact with automation and signaling devices.

Rated supply voltage*, V
Supply voltage range*, V
from 36 to 60
Conformity with the PoE class
IEEE 802.3af Class 0
Revers polarity protection
Maximum current consumption (IEEE 802.3af Class 0), no more than, А
Maximum power consumption**, no more than, W
Communication interfaces
100BaseT Ethernet
Communication protocols
Armtel-IP, SIP, SNMP
Total duration of voice messages (voice messages format WAV) stored in the device memory, no less than, min
Overall dimensions, mm
Weight, kg
Parameters of analogue lines
Number of analogue lines, pcs.
Rated input signal, mV (dB)
775 (0)
Rated output signal, mV (dB)
775 (0)
LF signal bandwidth (at -3 dB), Hz
from 300 to 6800
Internal resistance of the line, max, kOhm
Parameters of control lines
Number of control lines (programmable), pcs.
Input current, max, mA
Maximum output current per control line *** (at rated supply voltage 48 V), at least, mA
* Voltage – DC.
** Without taking into account, the power consumption of the load connected to the control lines.
*** Maximum allowable total output current of control lines, when powered from a source (injector) PoE Class 0, no more: 0.22 A.

The analog subsystem module ACM-IP2.1 converts the digital communication interface to analog and vice versa. This allows you to connect analog subscribers, including simplex intercoms, amplifiers, analog low-frequency lines, discrete lines for control of terminal devices of simplex communication, warning and call signaling, analog communication systems, incl. legacy or receive commands from automation and alarm systems to trigger a PA announcement.

ACM-IP2.1 contains embedded software and configuration data stored in RОM, which allows it to communicate with other digital communication system users directly, handle priority connections and manage communication and indication modes. An IP-network built using standard network equipment is used to facilitate communication.

ACM-IP2.1 can be used in the metals, chemical, mining, oil and gas, metal processing and wood processing industries, in facilities of the Transportation Ministry, Emergencies Ministry, Interior Ministry and Defense Ministry.

  • Simplex communication between analogue and digital subscriber devices via «Armtel-IP» and SIP protocols;
  • Construction of loud-speaking zonal PA/GA system (up to eight zones);
  • Handle priority connections via «Armtel-IP» and SIP protocols;
  • Recording voice messages to the device memory (WAV format, linear encoding 16 bit 16 kHz);
  • Storing messages with a total duration of up to 1500 minutes;
  • Playback of pre-recorded voice messages;
  • Connection of alarm and automation systems through «dry contact»
  • Automatic playback of pre-recorded voice messages by commands from alarm systems;
  • Broadcasting of individual and group announcements;
  • Enabling control lines on command from other subscriber devices of the system;
  • Control of external 48VDC relay;
  • Remote administration and upload of voice messages.