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ACM Analogue subsystems module

Analogue subsystems module is a converter of digital communication interface Uk0 into analogue. ACM allows to connect analog low-frequency lines and discrete control lines, alert and call signaling with DCN, IPN systems produced by Armtel.

Rated voltage
48 V
Supply voltage range
from 36 to 60 V
Own current consumption
25 mA
Nominal signal level on the analogue interface line
775 mV (0 db)
Nominal resistance of the analogue line load
600 Ohm
Internal resistance of the transmission path
200 Ohm
Frequency band of the sound transmission path
from 300 to 6800 Hz
Signal/noise ratio, min
60 db
Control line input current, max
1 mA
Maximum output current of the control line, min
50 mA
Communication interface
Communication protocol
Electrical safety class by GOST IEC 61140-2012
Safety class by NP-001-15* и NP-033-11
Seismic stability by NP-031-01
Climatic version, type of atmosphere by GOST 15150-69
Ambient air permissible temperature range
from -5 to +55 ºC
Atmospheric pressure
from 84 to 106,7 kPa
Relative air humidity at 25 ºC
up to 80 %
Dimensions, max
130×127×50 mm
Weight, max
0,3 kg
*Product compliance with safety class 4Н under NP-001-015 is admitted

ACM allows to connect to the communication system various analogue equipment, amplifiers, analogue lowfrequency lines and discrete control lines of simplex communication, signaling and alert devices, to provide interaction with automation and alarm devices. Analogue subsystems module is mounted in telecom cabinets or racks in the hardware, control rooms or office premises.

  • Connection to the system via the Uk0 digital interface;
  • Connection of an PA amplifier with selection of loudspeaker lines (up to 8 zones);
  • Connection of signaling and automation devices via relay modules;
  • Automatic playback of pre-recorded messages by commands from external emergency systems connected via «dry contact»;
  • Activation and control of the ACM module by any subscriber of the system;
  • Communication with VHS subscribers through the FM-radio base station.