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| 16.09.2018

Armtel offers state-of-the-art ISDN, IP and integrated systems according to industrial demands, the size of the site and the system infrastructure installed. Reliable and comprehensive solutions provide customized integration with the existing installations and flexible scalability of a system operating in harsh environments and various industries.

ARMTEL IPN SOLUTION is a distributed IP-system specially designed for various industrial facilities, transportation and other applications in the harshest conditions. The system provides intercom communication between simplex subscriber devices, duplex communication with IP telephone sets, paging and alarm warnings. IPN is a flexible system that is configured to provide a cost effective solution making it possible to extend the communication network and services easily.

  • Reliable Intercom communication
  • Safe Public Address and General Alarm (PAGA) including emergency situations
  • Clear voice with maximum available for human ear bandwidth up to 7 kHz, noise reduction devices
  • A/B duplicated redundancy
  • Talkback functions within fast communication in ambient noise
  • Page/Party functions providing two-way communication
  • Integration with existing Fire & Gas systems, Radio infrastructure, transportation and mobile units
  • Explosion- and weatherproof equipment, hands-free accessories


  • Direct Simplex Connection
  • SIP-connection
  • Individual or group call (up to 64 groups)
  • Single or group PAGA
  • Radio subscribers’ connection
  • 255 priority levels for connections and control functions
  • Replaying of announcements
  • Recording of voice messages
  • LED indication for functional keys
  • Three-digits numbering (up to 999 subscriber devices)
  • Local and remote control, monitoring and system configuration


High efficiency of investments
Only subscriber devices are required within the system, without expensive central exchange equipment;

Lack of single point of failure due to a decentralized system / multicast interaction;

Simple scalability
Different topologies enable one to increase the number of subscribers up to several thousands;

Easy integration
Open SIP interface for providing SIP telephony, CCTV, access control and office network integration.