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| 16.01.2019

Armtel ICS (Armtel IPN 2.0) is an intellectual communication system based on flexible and modular IP-architecture. It provides a centralized, decentralized and hybrid solutions in full compliance with the global technology standards provided by the IEEE, IETF, ITU-T. Extremely wide possibilities of integration makes the system the most innovative and safe solution.

Extremely wide possibilities of integration – integration of different business application, such as video surveillance, SCADA, intercom, PBX, etc.
High redundancy level 
All important components of Armtel ICS system which are critical and essential for the proper functioning of the system are redundant (both subscriber devices.and central exchanges/server)
Increasing resources to aim a linear increase in system capacity.


  • WEB GUI for simple remote administration. Supporting of standard protocols for managing network infrastructure – SNMP, ICMP, IPMI. JMX
  • Android app – Call station from any mobile device
  • The capacity of the central server is up to 1000 subscribers
  • Duplex communication: individual call, group call, conference
  • API for seamless integration with external systems
  • Activating the voice recording mode
  • Using open communication protocols to integrate the Armtel ICS with automation and dispatching systems
  • High quality of voice transmission (up to 14 kHz) thanks to the support of DSP-processor and new codecs
  • 100% redundancy of the server, as well as terminal equipment with two Ethernet interfaces, which allow to implement redundancy of the network connection + Wi-Fi + xDSL
  • Intercom stations with built-in DSL-module with ADSL support – distance to terminal equipment up to 5 kmIPN 2.0 SYSTEM