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Dear customers, please be informed that technical support, warranty and post-warranty service for customers in EAEU countries (Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyz Republic) is provided by Arman LLC that is Armtel official partner (see authorization attached).

For all other customers service is provided directly by Armtel.



Q: How to combine digital IPN and DCN systems?

A:  The systems can be combined using the following hardware:
1. DCN IP Gateway module with E1/IPN software;
2. DCN IP Gateway module with E1/SIP software;
3. Hardware-software complex Armtelics.


Q: What is the maximum length of the E1 connection lines?

A: The length of “E1” connection lines between the switches can be no more than 1 km (when using a symmetrical twisted-pair cable according to ITU-T G.703 standard). Standard network equipment such as optical or HDSL modems can be used if “E1” connections are required for distances greater than 1 km.


Q: Is it possible to connect an external PBX to the DCN-2 system?

A: It is possible if the external digital telephone exchange or other device supports the EDSS1 protocol and E1 interface (G.703/G.704).


Q: Which IP Address is installed on the devices in the factory?

A: By default, the IP address of the device is set:

For IPN devices –

For DCN devices –


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