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| 16.07.2018

Armtel offers state-of-the-art ISDN, IP and integrated systems according to industrial demands, the size of the site and the system infrastructure installed. Reliable and comprehensive communication systems provide customized integration with the existing installations and flexible scalability of a solution operating in harsh environments and various industries.

ARMTEL DCN SYSTEM is a centralized ISDN-based solution built on industrial standards and digital technology providing simplex/duplex communication with the highest voice quality. This system has improved speech intelligibility and allows one to use the equipment in extremely noisy conditions. The solution has multiple functions for supporting integration with the systems of other vendors.

  • Reliable Intercom communication
  • Safe Public Address and General Alarm (PA/GA) including emergency situations
  • Clear voice with maximum available for human ear bandwidth up to 7 kHz, noise reduction devices
  • A/B duplicated redundancy
  • Talkback functions within fast communication in ambient noise
  • Page/Party functions providing two-way communication
  • Integration with existing Fire & Gas systems, Radio infrastructure, transportation and mobile units
  • Explosion- and weatherproof equipment, hands-free accessories


  • Two-way simplex/duplex communication
  • Individual or group call
  •  Single or group PA/GA
  • Radio subscribers’ connection
  • Two-way communication with PABX subscribers
  • Free numbering plan
  • Priorities assignment for priority call order
  • Recording of speech messages into audio storage and their control playback
  • LED indication for functional keys
  • Manual or automatic broadcasting of alarm signals and pre-recorded messages
  • Local and remote control, monitoring and system configuration


The highest level of reliability
Even during peak loads every subscriber has a guaranteed connection and clear voice;

Savings on cable
U-interfaces provide reliable system functioning at a distance of up to 6 km without special cable requirements. All the information is transmitted via one pair cable in digital format; the other pair cable is used for protected power of subscriber device;

Flexibility and scalability
Different topologies enable one to increase the number of subscribers up to several thousands;

Easy integration
Connection to external systems via state-of-the-art standard interfaces (PRI, MODBUS, etc) and analog modules.