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CENTRENA Control Centre: Armtel presents its digital solution at the international conference in India

News | 23.05.2023

Armtel, a manufacturer and technological R&D company focused on development of intelligent industrial communication systems, participated in the Petroleum & Power Automation Meet 2023 exhibition and conference organized by the ISA International Automation Society in Delhi. Armtel presented its CENTRENA Remote Monitoring and Control Centre, a new digital product aimed to ensure communication and physical security at industrial facilities.

To summarize the results of the PPAM-2023 conference, dedicated to the latest developments in automation technologies for the petroleum, gas, and energy domains, the ISA Dehli Section published a collection of conference materials “AUTOMATION for I.I.O.T – Industry, Innovation, Operation & Transformation”.

Olesya Astakhova, Armtel Product Manager for Platform Solutions presented an article from the AUTOMATION for I.I.O.T. about the CENTRENA digital solution localized for the international market:

«Armtel is an experienced R&D and manufacturer of smart industrial communication systems. We combine engineering traditions with advanced technologies to create reliable products to ensure effective communication and safety in any industrial environment. Armtel delivers high quality and ensures reliability of its product thanks to its highly professional team of experts, application of advanced technologies and focus on product development. Armtel also develops digital solutions for oil and gas, power, chemical, transportation and other industrial verticals.

One of the latest solutions is CENTRENA Control Centre which is hardware and software package that integrates independent security and equipment management systems in a single user interface to monitor and ensure trouble-free and continuous operation and production.

The CENTRENA Control Centre is software that integrates various security systems, i.e. video surveillance, access control, Armtel PA/GA systems to monitor equipment and services and to form a complete communication, emergency and evacuation system.

CENTRENA is a digital solution to support decision-making and equipment management to ensure the overall production safety. The CENTRENA monitoring system allows to integrate and easily manage geographically distributed infrastructure in a single platform to ensure real-time monitoring of production assets.

The CENTRENA Control Centre boosts production safety and efficiency, minimizes risks of accidents and equipment downtime, reduces costs while contributing to business growth and investment attractiveness».

With the ever increasing integration of digital solutions into production processes, industrial companies feel the need to integrate various systems into a single control centre. CENTRENA is based on a situation analysis approach and helps to collect, analyze and verify information, provide step-by-step customized guidelines and instructions to address incidents and audit system operation. CENTRENA’s software customization model representing individual sets of engineering subsystems for each project, allows CENTRENA to adapt to international standards and extend Armtel’s global reach.

«India is one of the leading countries with a highly digitalized economy. Indian companies have come to an understanding that they can benefit from digitalization in the long run. The popularity of SaaS solutions and open-source products is growing. Therefore, the increased usage of digital solutions heightens requirements for businesses to deliver digital products that are user-friendly, add value, and comply with stringent cybersecurity demands.

Due to the advanced tech stack CENTRENA ensures that these requirements are duly addressed, while offering easy customization and seamless two-way integration with other solutions.»

Olesya Astakhova
Armtel Product Manager for Platform Solutions