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IPN-8U Network switching module

IPN-8U is a compact switch node of a distributed intercom and PA system. It is designed for establishing distributed Intercom communication and PA (including emergency public address) used at industrial and transport sites.
IPN-8U provides connection of up to 8 subscriber devices with a U-interface to an IP-network. The connected subscribers can establish communication directly with each other or also with other subscribers of the IP-network (without a special central exchange or server).
The IPN-8U module was designed by taking into account high requirements for reliability and security of the equipment used in harsh environment.

44 x 483 x 231 mm
Light gray
2,5 kg
Operating voltage
36 – 60 VDC
Maximum current load (on each Uo port)
300 mA
Enhanced speech bandwidth
6.8 kHz
Subscriber capacity
8 ISDN subscribers+4 Ethernet ports with PoE function per one IPN-8U module
Desktop and wall-mounted intercom stations
with U-interface
Desktop and wall-mounted IP intercom stations
with Ethernet interface
Digital IP recording devices
with Ethernet interface
Amplifiers, base radio stations, broadcasting lines and other analogue devices connected via special analogue connections module ACM-IP
with Ethernet-interface

All U-interfaces are equipped with Power-over-U function, a phantom power supply of the subscribers with automatic protection against overload, which allows simple connection of digital subscriber devices via one twisted-pair wire at a distance up to several kilometres (depending on the cable cross-section). Connection of subscriber’s U-interfaces is established via sockets with terminal screws (max. cross-section – 2.5 mm2) so there is no need to use additional cross-connect equipment.

In-built FastEthernet central exchange ports are also equipped with PoE function and can be used for direct connection to IP subscriber devices (e. g., desktop DIS-IP intercom stations or standard SIP telephones). Analogue connection modules ACM-IP can also be directly connected to these ports by allowing amplifiers, base radio stations of crane communication, signalling devices, radio broadcasting lines, fire alarm and security systems etc to be connected.

  • Universal network node of a distributed IP intercom communication system
  • Central Exchange module for connection of 8 subscriber devices with Uko-interface
  • In-built fast Ethernet switch for 4 ports with PoE
  • Protection degree IP40
  • SIP support
  • Easy maintenance, in-built self-testing and remote administration
  • Flexible priorities, communication modes and indication setting

IPN-8U Network switching module

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