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Dw Ex(m) Explosion proof call station

DWEx explosion proof call station is the subscriber equipment to use at industrial sites and transportation infrastructure within the digital Intercom and PA/GA communication system Armtel DCN.
DWEx is designed for use in potentially explosive gas environment, except for mines and their ground structures that are mine gas hazardous, according to explosion proof marking:

1Ex e ib mb IIC T4 Gb Х

With marking for explosive dust environments:

II 2 G Ex eb ib mb IIC t4 Gb
II 2 D Ex tb IIIC T135 oC IP66 Db

Explosion proof is achieved due to the insulation of its electrical circuits from interaction with potentially dangerous gas environment, by organosilicon thermally conductive compound, as well as providing the electrical connections of speaker, microphone and controls through of “ib” spark-safe circuits.

Supply voltage range,
from -36 V to -60 V
Maximum operating current:
- With main amplifier 95 mА
- With auxiliary amplifier 25 W
95 mА
1,1 A
from 300 Hz tо 6800 Hz
Line interface
Number of programmable direct connections / functions
from 2 to 24
Transfer protocol
Auxiliary amplifier, W
25 W
Max. sound pressure level of built-in speaker (at 1 m.)
104 dB
Ambient temperature range, ºC
from -40˚C to +70˚C
Air humidity, %
Up to 100 % at +25˚С
Protection class as per GOST 14254-2015
Electrical safety class as per GOST IEC 61140-2012
Overall dimensions (version without handset)
515×130×205 mm
Overall dimensions (for versions completed with handset)
540×130×225 mm
Maximum weight
8,0 kg

DW is designed for outdoor use or in industrial premises, in environments with the high levels of humidity, noise, dust and smoke content, including the environments with chemically aggressive gases and vapors, within the wide
range of operation temperatures.

  • Two-way loud-speaking simplex communication with the help of integrated speaker and microphone;
  • Loud-speaking voice communication in “half-duplex” mode with duplex devices like telephone sets;
  • Group calls and Public Address, including zonal one;
  • Extended voice signal bandwidth up to 6,8 kHz;
  • Broadcasting of alarm signals and other pre-recorded messages from central exchange to single subscribers or group of subscribers;
  • Indication of calls, busy subscriber, unanswered call and other modes on LED indicators of programmable keys;
  • Translation of incoming sound messages via integrated loudspeaker and optional 25 W amplifier;
  • Control of external signaling device via built-in relay;
  • Reliable communication via digital twowire Uk0-interface line to a distance of up to 6 km;
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Dw Ex(m) Explosion proof call station

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