About company

«Armtel»  is production and technology company-developer of intelligent systems
of industrial communication.
Company «Armtel» combines в  Russian engineering traditions with modern technologies for creating reliable and safe undustrial communication equipment providing connection and safety в in harsh industrial conditions.

Armtel provides industrial communications systems to organizations around the world by building a team of professionals, applying advanced technologies and constantly working to improve their products.
Armtel provides its employees self-realization opportunities, supporting professional development and leadership skills.
Armtel provides its shareholders with the opportunity to realize their ideas, participate in a useful and interesting business, and also provides stable income and security.
Over the next 20 years, the quality of Armtel products will be recognized by consumers and leading world institutions on a par with current leaders. Armtel products will be known in most developed and developing countries of the world.
We contribute to improving the well-being of employees and their families through providing opportunities for employees to maximize their potential.
Company history
Distribution of industrial communication systems 2000
Start of development of switching equipment components 2002
Sale of Public Address / General Alarm and dispatch systems Armtel DCN (ISDN) 2004
Starting the development of Public Address / General Alarm and dispatch systems 2005
Sale of Public Address / General Alarm and dispatch systems Armtel IPN 2009
entry into the international market 2010
Singapore office opening 2013
International business expanding 2014
Armtel's new product strategy. Starting the development of a new software and hardware platform Armtel ICS 2015
Armtel – Russian manufacturer of telecommunications equipment 2016
Opening of a representative office in India 2017
Trinity of product

Armtel product – equipment, industry solutions and a unique set of services that satisfy the needs of the any customer.

Technical system
set of technical means
Project system
technical system adapted or upgraded according to the specific needs of the client
A collection of unique proposals that increase the value of the product
Quality control

All services of the company have the necessary certificates, licenses and certificates. The quality management system of the company is certified according to the international standard ISO 9001:2015.
Armtel operates in accordance with high corporate and existing quality standards.
The company confirms the quality of services with a unique package of licenses and certificates, including for the use of equipment at nuclear facilities and hazardous areas.

Fire audit certificate
Fire technical certificate
Certificate of quality EX equipment
Quality System Certificate
License for manufacturing equipment for nuclear installations
License for the design of equipment for nuclear installations
A technology company offering industrial solutions to industrial enterprises.
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The company's products are installed at the enterprises of Russia, CIS countries and the rest of the world.